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As an amateur guitarist myself and a 20 yr DJ, my overall passion for music, especially LIVE should be obvious.  Yet it never ceases to amaze me when it comes to many bars that continually book entertainment simply BECAUSE it's LIVE, cheap or both even when it's just not working!  In between all of the different LIVE options, open mic nights and even karaoke; often times an EXCEPTIONAL DJ with a proven track record, massive library of music & the ROLLING NIGHTCLUB vibe we provide is simply a better return on the investment.  Remember that a 'GOOD DJ' can play a wider variety (most importantly knows how to adjust to whom is actually there, not the crowd you or they WISH were there), no breaks, start earlier, play longer and or keep more bodies in the building ON the dance floor.  This of course usually = more $$$ in the till.  Simple economics!  Want your room to look like this more often?  Or THIS? Give us a call!  EVERY PICTURE is from events I've personally spun for.

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