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Regardless if you are of traditional taste or you want to DANCE TILL YOU DROP, consistency like this doesn't happen by accident.  It's a complete package for every client that combines exceptional planning with 24 years experience, the VERY BEST mix of music, the finest QUALITY sound & lighting and a passion for what I do that greatly exceeds the average DJ company's 'employee'.  Most importantly, you have my GUARANTEE that I'm completely dedicated to only 1 event per day...YOURS! Over 3000 events...2 unhappy clients ever!


When you need just the right Minneapolis area Wedding DJ to provide you with an AMAZING night of incredible music, laughter and priceless memories with one of the VERY BEST local reputations.  Be sure to visit our Images, Testimonials (96-2011) & the current updates on our Facebook Page > Albums > Awesome Wedding Clients 2-5.  See for yourself why DJ Brian D'Angelo is regarded as one of the most consistently requested Minneapolis Wedding DJ's by so many clients, families and friends thereafter.